Actions Against Corruption taken by UN | International Anti Corruption Day

By | November 20, 2017

Actions Against Corruption taken by United Nations & Other Nations

As each of us knows that International Anti Corruption Day is approaching on 9th December, there are certain things that people must know about this unique day and the beneficial initiative. It is not just an annual event dedicated towards fighting against the evil, however, on a larger scale; Anti corruption day is a complete program that the UN undertook to eradicate the negative virus of corruption, bribery and black money from the world. The anti corruption day is one such moment that highlighted the large-scale increase of poverty, starvation, and malnutrition in the world.

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Even after the observation of International Anti corruption day every nation today is highly indebted with the responsibility of serving their population with at least the basic needs. When we look around, the ration of developed nations to that of the developing ones is extremely high. Even after several initiatives, schemes, and programs, the desirable result is not achievable.

Well, the reason for talking about lack of resources, unbearable services, and ever increasing problems is that corruption is directly related to each one of this. We are the one who chose our government with complete reliability and what we get in return is a sheer disappointment. The International Anti Corruption Day launched and initiated several schemes designed for the civilians of a country. However, they never provide us with the expected output, and this is where we are lacking initially. Before understanding how United Nations played a key role in reducing the level of poverty worldwide, let’s take a look at how actually does poverty comes into play!

How corruption takes place in a nation broadens its wings and exploits the whole world?

When it’s time to celebrate the International Anti Corruption Day, the major thing is to understand the root cause behind it. In simple words, corruption refers to the misuse of citizen power for private benefit, by the elected officials and politicians of the nations that are appointed to serve the country. However, corruption has a much deeper meaning than what this definition states. The term is now not only associated with politicians, but all the people in authority today are craving for bribes. Even after the presence of Anti corruption day the major corruption events comes into limelight when-

  • An event involving excessive sums of wealth, a large number of products or multiple clever minded people come into play.
  • If talking about products, the larger impact exists when products are edible, like food and pharmaceutical services as they highly affect the life of every individual
  • It also flourishes in events like that of a natural disaster where the services need to be top notch, and the nation doesn’t hesitate in spending large sums to secure their population.
  • It even takes place when a great new technology is launched as no one actually understands its real benefits, features, and usage.
  • It is even evident when people get involved in huge international events like Olympics, FIFA or commonwealth games as the reliable authorities in such situations are completely engaged in management and organization of the event.

International Anti Corruption Day believes in eradicating out all such issues from the nation and brings a ray of hope, positivity, and trust amongst people. However, these are not the only conditions when corruption prevails and flourishes. All these incidents are just notable as here, the global community reacts to the situation quite faster than the local government does, as they might be disoriented and disorganized.

However, to fight against corruption, several countries are now coming up with positive Actions against such evil on the world level. So let’s find out how UN’s and other nations’ suggestive measures are now bringing a change and promoting the literal cause of celebrating International anti corruption day.

How United Nations and other countries are working to abide by the idea of International Anti Corruption Day

There are several programs that have been launched by the authorities of every country today; however, the idea of International anti corruption day was launched by the United Nations which marked the beginning of a revolution against bribery in the world. Let us know what this initiative was all about!

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International anti corruption day (United Nations Convention against Corruption)-drafted on 31 October 2003 and signed on 9 December 2003, the United Nations Convention against Corruption is a multilateral treaty which was negotiated by the members of United Nations. This treaty was promoted by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, and since then, 9th December is being observed as the International Anti Corruption Day. The treaty brought the idea of acting against corruption and taking several steps that can eventually implement the major idea of celebrating Anti corruption day and focusing on major areas such as-

  • Prevention or preventive measures
  • International cooperation
  • Law enforcement and criminalization
  • Asset recovery
  • Information exchange and technical assistance

The goal of both International Anti Corruption Day and UNCAC is to reduce the numerous kinds of corruption that usually occur across the borders of nations. These may include-

  • Abuse of power and trading in someone’s influence
  • Availability of corruption and bribery system in the private sectors
  • Money laundering and Embezzlement

The UNCAC also aims to deal with strengthening the international legal system and the enforcement of judicial cooperation between the various nations by offering them with effective mechanisms for the recovery of international assets.

Well if we try to get into the deeper objectives and visions of International Anti Corruption Day and this act, the time will fly away. Although, to make you understand it in the basic terminology, the day high significance in establishing an official event which gave the local citizens, the power to act against corruption. More probably, the activities of the judiciary system and the power of officials have then started experiencing extreme surveillance.

The Anti corruption day act not only changed the huge prospects of every nation and its different working sectors but also supported the people to get the right of active participation against anything wrong happening around them. However, the case faced several negligence and challenges before and after its implementation. The challenges were definitely obvious as the corrupt people were opposing this great act. People were not ready to implement all its provisions completely. As most f the nations were developing and poor, they needed great quality technical assistance and policy guidance to ensure the effective functioning and implementation of this anti corruption act.

The US may have not actually eradicated the problem of corruption from societies with the Anti corruption day. Yes, they have failed, but they have at least tried and made great attempt to recognize the presence of evils and wrongdoers in our society. This act brought several such faces into limelights which were considered as the most reliable authoritarians. Now politicians had to undertake their every action in favor of the people. Private as well as public operated firms have to keep their bank accounts transparent and thus, have to present the exact details. With such effective ideas, the International anti corruption day has literally changed the issues prevailing in the world on a huge scale.

The association of Anti corruption day with ‘Your NO counts campaign’

This campaign was designed and implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and United Nations Development Program. It marks the existence of international anti corruption day and thus, raises awareness about corruption and bribery and how to rise up and fight against it. This campaign of 2009 jointly focused on themes like –

  • How corruption obstacles our efforts of achieving the MDGs which are agreed upon internationally
  • How does it undermine every country, democracy and the rule of law under which every nation is governed
  • How does corruption violates the human rights, deteriorates the quality of life people are living, and disturbs the functioning of markets
  • How corruption allows the terrorism, organized crimes and other such threats to humanity flourish

Thus, this complete initiative of United Nations gave birth to the International anti corruption day. Moreover, the recognition of such a day has compelled the individuals, society and the people in authority to understand and say concerned about the problems ad seriousness which exists due to extreme corruption, The level of security which is getting undermined day by day, the ethical and moral values which are degrading and the power of justice which is a highly questionable matter now.

How are other nations getting influenced by International anti corruption day and bringing new local policies?

After understanding the importance of International Anti Corruption Day and its several aspects, various other countries try to bring a positive change in their particular nations. By supporting the major idea of Anti corruption day, the countries now believe in promoting various measures which can help them to combat with corruption and strengthen their judicial system. They highly aim to support and facilitate international cooperation and the availability of technical assistance. The major countries and some recognized initiatives include-

  • Nigeria – This country was one of those top nations that believe in altering their policies so as to analyze the prospects of the country and the individuals. It was the first nation and African government that joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). In support of this, the major step which they took was that of comprehensive auditing of the oil sector value chains. This action was undertaken to evaluate and verify whether all payments were correctly settled or not. The audit proved quite effective, and thus it revealed that around $9.8 billion were outstanding recoverable revenues and they included an amount of $4.7 billion which was owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). This audit released a result that became quite effective, and around $2.4 billion which were lost got recovered as revenue.

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  • India – This is one of those nations that have undertaken several powerful initiatives but has yet failed to counter the evil of corruption perfectly. After understanding the concepts of international anti corruption day, the country took several social welfare programs. However, they highly suffered due to the ineligible beneficiaries who were taking the payments and the officials that were taking cutoffs. It was being done from the payments and initiatives which were actually designed for the poor. However, to counter with such an issue, now the government started to distribute various smartcards which were based on country’s biometric identification system. This idea was started in 19 million villages along with a connection of $5.5 billion, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. All such practices highly organized the overall system of misconduct and allowed the money to reach up to the needy people at a fast pace.

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  • Philippines – The country undertook some effective measures while taking lessons from the anti corruption day and thus, implemented a huge scheme which changed the face of the country’s development. The Supervision of the task in a pastoral infrastructure plan enhanced through the utilization of geospatial tracking through the uploading of pictures of the task under functioning throughout the venture. As this played a huge task in promoting the effective functioning of the workers on the job, the government of Philippines loved this idea and appreciated the use of technology to promote the ideas of international anti corruption day. They, in fact, applauded the whole scheme and made the use of technology in their further tasks.

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Thus, these were some of the essential steps undertaken by the UN and other prominent countries to fight with corruption and support the anti corruption day. However, we still have a long way to go. Unless people get united and understand the importance of resources in the lives of the needy, we can never attain the position we are wishing for.

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Just like the International Anti Corruption Day, we still require huge acts that can initiate the human ideology and can bring back the reliability and trust that we have on one another. Such acts not only strengthen the laws of every government but also create better international bonds. By combating the problems which hinder our economical, social and political development we can ultimately create a better world for each one of us to live in.

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