Top Most Corrupt Personalities in the World

By | December 9, 2017

Know the Top Most Corrupt Personalities in the World

On one hand, where there are unending facts to be appreciated in the worldwide growth; there are certain acts and intensions which put up a question mark on the dimensions of positive change in the world. All of us are completely aware about corruption as it is one of the major problems which prevail today.  However, the organization of the International Anti Corruption Day turns out to be all vain when corruption measures show an increase of these unwanted elements. Of course, it is true that change is not possible until all of us come together but there are many other aspects that matter. Today, we will discuss about corruption and all the harmful effects it has caused to our world.

The major corrupt people present universally

Awareness is something that largest part of the world population lacks. And this is the main reason that the world is still tolerating the burden of injustice and cruel souls. Well, the question is who is actually corrupt? And yes you know such faces are hidden somewhere amongst us. If you are still confused then coming next are the names of the most corrupted personalities in the world. Just have a look.

Know about the most corrupted personalities around you

A lot of you might have read about these people somewhere or the other, and if not, then we have gathered the details of the most corrupt people in the world with their negative actions that left the whole world in a deep shock.

1. Mohamed Suharto

Mohamed Suharto is the former President of Indonesia, ranking number one in the list of corrupt politicians. This former president is known for such actions really well in the 30 years of his Presidential rule. Well, he was famous to make huge earnings than expected from the joint venture, M&F running in his name. This amount was so huge that it equaled the notorious estimations of the Presidential fraud. And this is something that can cause indigestion. Undoubtedly there was more than enough time for Suharto as a President to fetch out a few billions for his use.

Something more appreciable I found is the way on which he managed to maintain an honest and trustworthy picture of himself being the leader of a nation for a considerably long duration. When the masked campaigns prevent people from understanding the reality, what will a single day of Anti Corruption Day do? This needs a deep thought!

2. Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif can probably be considered as the most corrupted Pakistani leader. Well, his deeds have not been hidden from the world. His widely spread mills and factories and lots of business units are known to earn amounts that are more than acceptable. As per the past International Anti Corruption Day surveys, he was having huge corrupted money and property. The sum he was having may not be so large on international accounts as compared to others, but this is considerable when talking about a small developing country like Pakistan.

Other than this Nawaz is also known to hold secret projects and secret properties which are sources for huge earnings. Being involved in the Panama Papers leak and containing so many secret sources of earnings, Nawaz Sharif has been listed as the most Corrupted politician in the world.

3. Khalifa Bin Zayed AL Nahyan

The President of UAE and supreme commander of the union defense force, Khalifa Bin Zayed AL Nahyan is known to possess many resources to earn being a part of the royal family. However there are still certain instances that create the scenes of embezzlement. Listed among the world’s topmost corrupted political leaders, he is known to collect huge money from the offshore companies and businesses.  He is also the one to be included in the Panama Papers leak. Including the Mayfair’s Berekely square estate and BHS on Oxford Street, he is the owner of dozens of properties in London that will sum up to 1.2 billion dollars. And this is enough for getting him listed among the top most corrupt leaders, this Anti Corruption Day.

4. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, leader and President of the most powerful federation, Russia, was one more face of the Panama Papers leak. Two billion properties in foreign countries and so many well established businesses probably make up the sense of corruption. The vacation villas in Spain, the food that never came and saving his associates were some of his corrupted moves that led him into trouble. He is the one to be included in the world richest and the most corrupted politicians.

5. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson

The young Icelandic leader, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, is known to be involved in the Panama paper scams with the offshore companies and businesses. After the Panama leaks all the deeds and activities of Gunnlaugsson and his wife came under interrogation. He was accused of having secret sources of voters since the time he had been elected as the Prime Minister, and post leaked results, he resigned. Illegal properties and offshore companies in the name of this young leader actually pose a need for events like the International Anti corruption Day. However he is also one of the top most corrupted personalities in the world.

6. David Cameron

Belonging to the richest Upper class families in London, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and politician; David Cameron, is another name in the list of the top most corrupt personalities. Despite being accused of having some offshore properties and businesses, Cameron claims that he has no other properties but a single house in London. His expressed ideas for making his country corruption free are just not enough to prove him innocent when all the searches pointed towards him. Cameron also pointed out towards Nigeria and Afghanistan for being the most corrupt nations.

7. Kim Jong UN

This personality is the most corrupt North Korean politician. Not only corrupted but he is also known to be the most dangerous persons from North Korea. Moreover the whole country is highly engaged in corruption activities, but certainly Kim Jong UN left them all defeated in terms of his cruel thoughts. Sarcastically, the Anti Corruption Day may feel to be too small in front of corrupts like him. One more member of the Panama Papers leak, King Jong has the most lavish and the richest lifestyle with 5 billion USD and many other assets from about 200 banks. It will not be wrong if you say that he is the owner of endless wealth. So much of wealth is subjected to interrogation for the youngest Korean Leaders with a salary of 1500 dollars. Illegal generation of money is something very certain in this case.

8. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Despite belonging to one of the poorest countries in the world, this leader of Guinea is listed among the richest politicians. However he was also the chairperson of the African Union for a year. Being a certainly corrupt politician, he abused his powers and he seized assets of about 71 million dollars worth. Also he attained a lot of money through money laundering and public funds. The corruption level was so high in his case that he stands to be the biggest corrupt person in the world. Sometimes I think why the International Anti Corruption Day doesn’t make people aware about the frauds behind public funds.

9. King Salman Bin Abdulaziz

Salman Bin Abdulaziz is a Saudi Arabian king and also the former Governor and Deputy Governor of Riyadh. He was accused for the leak of many confidential documents from the offshore companies. In the list of Panama papers leak he is also one of the names. From these sources he is the owner of $17 billion net worth which is questionable. There are many more expensive properties in London named for King Salman which are worth 34 million dollars, declaring him to be the most corrupt politicians in the world.

10. Petro Poroshenko

The fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko has served as the foreign affairs minister before and has been declared as one, amongst the top corrupt politicians in the world. There was a time when he talked of increasing levels of corruption in the world but he was indulged in those cruel activities too. He generated a lot of money concealed in other countries with his corrupt planning. Petro, the Ukraine President is also blamed for destroying the complete economy of Ukraine and letting it down in the world history.

11. Saddam Hussain

Former Iraqi President was also known to be highly involved in corrupt activities. Few hours before the United States invasion Saddam Hussain got $1 billion transferred into his personal account from Iraq’s Central Bank. Further as per the investigations of the U.S. Senate, was found to embezzle $21 billion in the name of oil for food programme.

12. Alberto Fujimori

Corrupt Presidents have never been shocking for the world; however the cleverness like that of Fujimori is something rarely seen. This former president of Peru is known to be a few steps ahead of any other corrupt leaders in many aspects. Alberto emerged as the head of the nation accolade with his smart corrupt moves. Well, Fujimori is a great example before the world that people are not necessarily the same as they appear. Even if they are sharp-suited and polite in language, they can be the reasons for conduction Anti Corruption Day. He was known to be involved in kidnappings and murders and also accused for the fraud of $600 million from the state.

13. Slobodan Milosevic

Milosevic can be called as one of the most power-driven man. Well he was much beyond money. Not just frauds and illegal earnings but he was also accused of some extremely brutal murders. There may be many more geniuses to guide him; however all of his deeds were really master mind set ups. High profile killings and assassination attacks were known to be very common for him. He was known to own many fraud bars and also shelled about $1 million for campaign bombings. So much of collateral damage is something not worth a joke. Even after this Milosevic had notoriously earned a complete street that was named after him.

14. Pavlo Lazarenko

The former Ukraine President, Pavlo Lazarenko was known to be a person conducting highly corrupted and unlawful activities. This is like a trend that if one is corrupted and unlawful, the other will do something more illegal to have a big name. The estimated corruption value for this Ukraine President is $200 million which mysteriously disappeared. Pavlo was probably a mastermind corrupt politician to pick up such huge amount under the carpet or away from the notice of the authorities.

You might have been admiring a lot of these politicians right? But with this detailed information, on this Anti Corruption Day will prove effective for you. And still, if you do not take up the appropriate steps against such cruel deeds, this will never be stopped. This is something that needs unity of the nations.

Are you not corrupt?

Rather than ending up the talks only on the political leaders, it is much more important to indicate the mistakes of the general public also. Have you also thought something selfish and done something wrong? Memorize well; as there are many deeds that we do knowingly. Even the International Anti Corruption Day cannot change the world unless the people change their mentality, and for this, someone has to start! Then why can’t you?

One step you, one step me, will surely make the world corruption free!

With our joint efforts, the day is not too far when everything will be positive and legal. Of course, we cannot destroy the evil completely, but we can avoid the cruel and negative thoughts that give rise to problems like this. When the world and the complete population realize this, there will be true meanings given to the organization of Anti Corruption Day worldwide. So raise your voice for your rights and set an example for some more to follow.

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